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Perspective Aerials drone reel consists of high definition aerial
video footage captured at various locations around the world. 
Allow us to raise your production value with affordable 
quality shake-free ultra HD helicam aerial video.
We produce 100% shake-free aerial video.
Supported Cameras:
Sony F55
Canon 1DC
Canon C300, C500
RED Epic
Canon 5D Mark III








Perspective Aerials offers high definition RC helicam drone aerial video services for the film and television industry worldwide. We
are equipped to fly the RED Epic, Canon Cinema EOS and Sony F55 Hi-def and ultra Hi-definition video cameras. Our upgraded system
produces 100% shake-free aerial video (any camera) which saves your project time and money in post-production.
We guarantee shake-free remote control drone footage up to 6K resolution!
The Drone Reel


Rock-Steadi Handheld Stabilizer

Our Rock-Steadi handheld stabilizer has been a powerful tool used in many commercial shoots for clients such as Mercedes-Benz, AOL & Equinox. Whether Running at top speed or being slammed around by a speedboat, Rock-Steadi stabilizer will hold a perfectly stable image and level horizon. Contact us for rental package details.


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